International Student Tax Returns

International Student
Tax Returns
$24.99 Federal

Ask our Competition : Do they sign your income tax return?
State Tax Return
Ask our Competition : Do they sign your income tax return?
International Student Tax Returns

verified_user EZStudentTaxes is committed to keeping your information secure

EZStudentTaxes is committed to keeping your information secure

EZStudentTaxes   offers online, affordable and convenient preparation and filing of Form 1040NREZ, 1040NR, Form 8843, Form 3903, Form 2441, Form 843 and state taxes. We help international students get the highest tax refunds with greatest ease and simplicity. read more

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How EZStudentTaxes works
Few easy steps can get you the highest refund
  • Easy Step 1


    Signing up with us is quite easy. Fill in the User Registration Form and create a login id for yourself. Log in to the system using proper credentials and you are through!

  • Easy Step 2

    Determine Tax Residence Status

    Our Substantial Presence Test is most detailed and systematic tool online to determining your residency status. Taking this test will help you determine if you are a Resident Alien or a Non-Resident Alien. Just answer few, easy to understand questions and we will tell you if you are a Resident or a Non-Resident Alien. Knowing your residency status is very import, because it dictates what tax form you must file. You can take the test by

  • Easy Step 4

    We do Taxes Within 24 Hours

    Once we have all your details we will do your taxes in 24 hours or less. We promise!

  • Easy Step 3

    Free Estimate on Federal Refund Amount

    Upon completing your tax return we will share with you your refund amount. You only pay us if you are ok with the refund amount. We are so confident of our work that we will not ask for your credit card information until after we are done with your refund estimate.

  • Easy Step 5

    We Deliver Signed Copy Of Tax Return

    We sign and mark all our tax returns with Professional Tax Identification Number (PTIN). We will even ship them to you for free including pre-stamped envelopes from your place to Federal Income Tax office and State Tax office.

EZStudentTaxes Services

EZStudentTaxes Services

  • Federal income tax return (Form 1040NR, Sch A, Sch OI)
  • Form 8843 (Statement for Exempt Individuals)
  • Form 3903 (Moving Expenses Deduction)
  • Form 2441 (Credit for Child & Dependent Care Expenses)
  • Form 843 (Claim for Refund for Social Security and Medicare Tax)
  • CPA supervised Second Review (Included)
  • Tracked Shipping both ways
  • State Taxes


One of the fastest and easiest Non-Resident tax software for international Students.

Aditi G (India, F1 Visa)
University of Wisconsin Madison

I got my refund almost as quick as e-filing.

Susan H (Germany, F1 Visa)
Michigan State University

I did not know my country had a tax treaty with the US. EzStudentTaxes got me extra $300 back.

Shenkai W (China, F1 Visa, CPT)
Grand Valley State University

My university tax seminar got my taxes wrong. EzStudentTaxes made it right.

Nadia D (Iran, F1 Visa, OPT)

EzStudentTaxes even paid shipping from my house to the IRS office.

Lisa Z (Kenya, F1 Visa, OPT))
Arizona State University

Average Refund Percentage

Our clients that got refund in 2014- 100%
Our clients that got refund in 2015- 92%
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